Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's August, so let's start getting serious again!

It was 2 years ago August that I started this blog in the form of emails to some of you. Charlie was threatening Florida and I was stuck at an airport in New England, at the end of a vacation, hoping my flight would leave and trying to get the latest weather on my cellphone's Internet browser.

Since then the term "Hurricane" is much more on the tips of all Americans' tongues especially starting in August and especially in Florida and the Southeast. That's when the conditions in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico begin to be much more favorable for the development of storms. The warm water conditions will continue right through the end of the season in late November when they finally begin to cool down.

It's no surprise that I wake up (on vacation again in Chicago - where the heat this week is worse than anything we experience in Florida) to hear about "Chris", the 3rd named storm of the 2006 season, which may become an issue in the US early next week.

For the details from my favorite source of excellent Hurricane forecast information, click here.

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