Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Colin, out

Colin left us 5 inches of rain in about 36 hours.  Pool crested just below flood stage.

The usual low lying areas in Tampa Bay had their usual flooding and inconveniences. A few property owners had some damage but it was not widespread.  

This was the earliest 3rd named storm of the season so the general message being sent is this was a safe practice run should a stronger storm come up later in the summer.  

Monday, June 06, 2016

Tampa Bay CBS Affiliate News Department On the Job!

WTSP has got it going!

Jim Cantore & Colin are here

Usually not a good omen when Cantore shows up.  

"The Ballad of Jim Cantore" by Matt Hoggatt:

1.35 inches or rain yesterday.  Nothing too heavy yet.  This afternoon should be the worst of it.

Colin strengthened overnight (didn't realize hurricane hunter planes go out in middle of the night) to 50 MPH sustained winds but remains unorganized partially due to wind shear.  We remain to the south of the cone but will get some of Colin's rain & wind.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Colin is coming to town..

Tropical Storm Colin has formed as of just before 6pm ET.  First band came through this afternoon.  Tomorrow is the day here in Tampa Bay. 

TD 3 has formed

Tropical Depression 3 looks like it will make landfall north of the Tampa Bay area (Big Bend Area), but we'll still get the rain & wind and a Tropical Storm Warning in effect.  

High tide Monday is 2:41pm which should be prime time for the storm and will cause some localized flooding in the area - but not for us.

Should become TS Colin overnight

Tropical Rain & Wind Tomorrow in Tampa Bay

With a 90% chance of development into a tropical depression, the Weather Channel is live here on Clearwater Beach:

While the storm track prediction is moving north of Tampa Bay, the rain & wind will be on the right side of the event, so regardless we could see 3-6 inches of rain & up to 30+ MPH winds.

It's really great that we've had nearly a week to watch this potential threat to develop and those that are on the coast or in low-lying areas (Pasco County, e.g.), have time to prepare:

The leatest infra-red images from the NWS:

Friday, June 03, 2016

First Time in 10 years....

....for a tropical storm to hit the state of Florida?   Could well be.   Weather services now reporting a 60% chance of development.   If a named storm, it would be Colin and right now our area, Tampa Bay, is right in the center of the projected cone.

Here's Accuweather's latest update:

Likely to be a lower intensity storm with a lot of rain and noticeable wind.  If we are overdue, this is the kind of storm I'd prefer!