Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last Day of Hurricane Season 2008!

Goodbye Fay, Gustav, Hanna & Ike. It was an action packed August & September with these 4 storms dancing mostly around Florida although Fay made landfall a record setting four different times.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Florida Avoids Hurricanes AGAIN!!

Here's a recap of the 2008 season, by the numbers:

16 – Named storms

8 – Hurricanes

7 – Tropical storms

1 – Sub-tropical storm

5 – Category 3 or stronger hurricanes

$27.8 million – Federal Emergency Management aid in Florida for damage from Tropical Storm Fay

27.65 inches – Most rain recorded from Tropical Storm Fay, 8 miles northwest of Melbourne

0.72 inches – Rain recorded at Tampa International Airport from Tropical Storm Fay

4 – Number of times Tropical Storm Fay made landfall in Florida

18 – Days Hurricane Bertha lasted, the longest-lived July hurricane on record

3 – Consecutive seasons since Florida has been hit by a hurricane

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, November 08, 2008

We were supposed to be on Grand Cayman this weekend!

Here's what we are missing click here

On-going news on Paloma.

Our company has a good track record of planning Conventions that predict Hurricane movement. Two years ago we were scheduled for Cancun when Wilma came through.

Want to know where to avoid next year? Keep checking back. I'll let you know where our next convention is scheduled!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tropical disturbance brewing in the Caribbean

Tropical disturbance brewing in the Caribbean: "Tropical disturbance brewing in the Caribbean
> Posted by Ken Kaye at 7:24 AM

Here it is, early November, a time when we should be formulating Thanksgiving plans, savoring the cooler weather and, of course, celebrating the historic election of Barack Obama.

Yet, at least in this small corner of the world, we’re still keeping an eye on a tropical system.

The same disturbance that’s been lingering in the Caribbean near the border of Honduras and Nicaragua for the past couple of days is getting better organized.

The National Hurricane Center gives it a high chance of developing into a tropical depression or a tropical storm within the next day. A hurricane hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate it this afternoon.

For now, the system does not appear to be a threat to Florida. Most computer models project it will pass south of the state as it moves northeast.

Those projections could change, however, if it develops a closed circulation. So we’ll continue to keep an eye on it."