Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Hunt For Water....

Tuesday (9/5/17) was fruitless.

By 11am, there was none to be found.


Grocery store managers began rationing awaiting replenishment which is on its way from their warehouses.

This morning, Wednesday, (9/6/17), my corner Winn-Dixie was still without.  Publix across the street was limiting shoppers to one 24-pack of Aquafina, at full (but not over) price, $4.99.   A very active scene at 7am.

I expect there to be enough water available as we head into the weekend and hoarders are satisfied and the rest of us can get the suggested 1 gallon per day per person for at least 3 days.

Meanwhile the cone still includes the west coast of Florida but the models are slowly shifting east. Fingers crossed it pushes far enough east to miss us and all along the east coast of Florida and the Carolinas!

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