Monday, May 28, 2012

Here are the 6 Tropical Storm Beryls since 1982

The name Beryl has been used for six tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of three names used for five tropical storms with none of them becoming a hurricane; the two others are Ana and Arthur.
  • Tropical Storm Beryl (1982), moved across Atlantic but dissipated north of the Windward Islands; caused moderate damage and 3 deaths in Cape Verde
  • Tropical Storm Beryl (1988), formed over Louisiana and drifted into the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall at New Orleans, causing one death at sea and about $4 million in damage
  • Tropical Storm Beryl (1994), went onshore at Panama City, Florida, 12 hours after forming; quickly went up the eastern states, dropping heavy rain and spawning many tornadoes; $73 million in damage, mostly in South Carolina
  • Tropical Storm Beryl (2000), made landfall in Mexico near the Texas border, causing one drowning death and some damage
  • Tropical Storm Beryl (2006), formed southeast of North Carolina, brushed coastal Massachusetts and dissipated over Atlantic Canada
  • Tropical Storm Beryl (2012), currently active.

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