Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paula grew up fast and is now deciding where to go..

Hurricane Paula, the 16th named storm and 9th hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season. Paula intensified remarkably quickly, setting a modern record for the fastest intensification from the issuance of the first advisory to hurricane strength since reliable record keeping of intensification rates of Atlantic hurricanes began in 1970 according to meteorologist Jeff Masters from the Weather Underground.

However, it may turn out that Paula will be recognized as intensifying from first advisory to a hurricane which would be eighteen hours, tying 2007's Hurricane Humberto, the most recent record holder. 

There have been six storms that accomplished this  feat in 24 hours.

Most models show the storm heading towards Cuba after a sideswipe of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  South Florida remains on alert, especially the Keys.   

Wikipedia has an entry saying this is only the 5th time we've had a storm start with the letter P.   Read more about that here.

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