Monday, August 18, 2008

8pm Tropical Storm Fay Advisory - Northbound Now!

Indications are landfall near Naples and then up the interior of the state throwing most of the rain and weather towards the East Coast sparing us in Tampa Bay. However, the path could change just as Charlie did in 2004. All important 11pm update and then we'll see where Fay is situated in the morning.

My employer has told us not to report Tuesday. Schools are cancelled and this is could end up being a minimal event with just some wind gusts and a healthy dose of rain...but....

Took some precautionary measures today and brought in the potential airborne objects, bought some ice and filled up the car. Will be glad if it's all for naught. In the meantime discovered the best Hurricane data dashboard thus far with our local Fox affiliate . Multiple satellite and radar views, forecast tracks, spaghetti models, live video from their weather center, webcams and even nonsensical scrolling chat. Who are these people??!

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