Thursday, October 27, 2005

I missed Wilma......Twice!

Not only did the Tampa Bay area escape Wilma, but I was supposed to be in Cancun last week for our company's annual convention. It was cancelled Monday, the day before our scheduled departure. Most of the early arrivals got out before the Cancun airport closed on Thursday. However, nine people waited too long and after a very tough week in shelters, took a 10-hour bus ride to Mexico City and flew back to the United States today.

The convention was scheduled for the Ritz-Carlton which suffered extensive damage and will be closed through at least the end of the year! Worst of all, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes won't be able to be married there next month as planned.

Meanwhile, the Beta Storm is headed for Central America

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Anonymous said...

The Ritz is back in business... yesterday they were cleaning windows facing the sea... and good news; whereas the beach used to be 70 yards away, now the sandline is almost at the pool...

More Wilma pictures from South Beach: